A History of The John Bowman Family (Johannes Baumann) was published in 2008.  

This website is dedicated to the genealogy and ancestry of the Bowman (Baumann) family that settled in the Lancaster County area during the mid-18th century.

The Bowman Genealogy Group has been able to trace their roots to Johannes Baumann who was baptized in Switzerland in 1715 and died in Lancaster County, PA (now Lebanon County) in 1785.

Johannes arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship Robert and Alice, arriving late from Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands on September 3, 1739. His passenger name is listed as Hannis Bauman.

Johannes Baumann (John Bowman)

Baptized – Feb 21, 1715
Evangelisch Church, Arbon, Thurgau Switzerland

Died – April 1785
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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